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RC(1) UNIX Programmer's Manual RC(1)


    rc - Ratfor compiler


    rc [ option ] [ file ] ...


    _R_c invokes the Ratfor preprocessor on a set of Ratfor source
    files.  It accepts three types of arguments:
    Arguments whose names end with `.r' are taken to be Ratfor
    source programs; they are preprocessed into Fortran and com-
    piled.  Each subroutine or function `name' is placed on a
    separate file _n_a_m_e._f, and its object code is left on _n_a_m_e._o.
    The main routine is on _M_A_I_N._f and _M_A_I_N._o; block data subpro-
    grams go on _B_L_O_C_K_D_A_T_A?._f and _B_L_O_C_K_D_A_T_A?._o.  The files
    resulting from a `.r' file are loaded into a single object
    file _f_i_l_e._o, and the intermediate object and Fortran files
    are removed.
    The following flags are interpreted by _r_c.  See _l_d and _f_c(1)
    for other flags.
    -c    Suppresses the loading phase of the compilation, as
          does any error in anything.
    -f    Save Fortran intermediate files.  This is primarily
          for debugging.
    -r    Ratfor only; don't try to compile the Fortran.  This
          implies -f and -c.
    -v    Don't list intermediate file names while compiling.
    -C    Preserve comments in output, and format esthetically
          (indentation, mostly).
    -6x   Place continuation character in column 6, instead of
          non-standard convention used by _f_c(1).
    Arguments whose names end with `.f' are taken to be Fortran
    source programs; they are compiled in the normal manner.
    (Only one Fortran routine is allowed in a `.f' file.)
    Other arguments are taken to be either loader flag argu-
    ments, or Fortran-compatible object programs, typically pro-
    duced by an earlier _r_c run, or perhaps libraries of
    Fortran-compatible routines.  These programs, together with
    the results of any compilations specified, are loaded to
    produce an executable program with name a.out.


    ratjunk        temporary
    /usr/fort/fc1  Fortran compiler


    B. W. Kernighan, _R_A_T_F_O_R - _A _p_r_e_p_r_o_c_e_s_s_o_r _f_o_r _a _R_a_t_i_o_n_a_l _F_o_r_-
    _t_r_a_n, Bell Laboratories CSTR #55, 1977.
    fc(1) for Fortran flags and error messages
    ld(1) for loader flags
    f77(1) for the latest Fortran


    Yes, both from _r_c itself and from Fortran.


    #define and #include lines in `.f' files are not processed.
    fc(1) is unsupported.