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UUDIFF(1C) UNIX Programmer's Manual UUDIFF(1C)


    uudiff - directory comparison between machines


    uudiff [ -d ] local-name remote-name


    _U_u_d_i_f_f compares the files in the directory _l_o_c_a_l-_n_a_m_e and
    the directory _r_e_m_o_t_e-_n_a_m_e, (where _r_e_m_o_t_e-_n_a_m_e may be of the
    form _s_y_s_t_e_m-_n_a_m_e!_d_i_r_e_c_t_o_r_y-_n_a_m_e and _s_y_s_t_e_m-_n_a_m_e is a _u_u_c_p
    Unix name).  It reports (via mail) which files are added,
    deleted, or changed, and provides a _d_i_f_f(_1) of altered
    printable files.
    If a part of _r_e_m_o_t_e-_n_a_m_e is omitted (either the system or
    the directory) the corresponding part of _l_o_c_a_l-_n_a_m_e is used.
    If _l_o_c_a_l-_n_a_m_e is a file, rather than a directory, _r_e_m_o_t_e-
    _n_a_m_e is also assumed to be a file and the program degen-
    erates into _d_i_f_f(_1).
    The option -d does not diff altered files; only the summary
    by file names is prepared.


    Lots.  Files zz[abcdeglmn]????? are used for scratch space;
    files brought back from the remote machine for _d_i_f_f_i_n_g are
    stored (and left around) as _n_a_m_e.????? and the final report
    is left in _u_u_d_i_f_f.????? (the exact name is reported by


    diff(1), uucp(1)


    Almost none.  Anything more serious than misspelling _l_o_c_a_l-
    _n_a_m_e causes unpredictable and obscure results.


    In addition to the standard _u_u_c_p requirements a hook is
    needed at the remote system, and at present is only
    installed on the systems "research" and "inter".
    This program is written in shell and should be translated to
    C so it could give diagnostics.
    Even if "remote-system" is the local system, uudiff is sub-
    ject to delays in uucp traffic.
    It should probably write the standard output, instead of
    insisting on going into the background.
    Since checksums are used there is a probability of 1 in
    2**32 of missing differences between files.
    The ~userid syntax is not recognized.