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AlphaStation 255/300

AlphaStation 255/300
Announcement date: 15 March 1996
OS support (VMS): OpenVMS Alpha V6.2-1H1
OS support (NT): Windows NT V3.51
OS support (Digital UNIX): Digital UNIX V3.2D
CPU Details
Number of processors: 1
CPU chip: DECchip 21064A
CPU clock: 300MHz
Backup cache: 1MB
Minimum memory: 32MB
Maximum memory: 1GB
BUS SCSI: 1 @ 10MB/s
PCI: 2 slots @ 132MB/s
PCI or ISA: 1 slot
ISA: 1 slot
LAN support: 1 (10BASE-T)
SPECint92: 215
SPECfp92: 245
SPECint95: 4.51
SPECfp95: 5.71