Booting a real MicroVAX 2000 from an ULTRIX V3.0 DMS Server on a SIMH MicroVAX 3900

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Items needed

Adding your MicroVAX 2000 / VAXstation 2000 as an ULTRIX DMS Client

Follow this instructions on the SIMH MicroVAX 3900 to add your MicroVAX 2000 / VAXstation 2000 as an ULTRIX DMS client.

Answer the question:

Select the processor type for this client:

with your type of VAX.

Connections needed

Ethernet connection

I use an old Ethernet Repeater (often called "Hub").

It is a "MicroHub/8 TP1008C" with eight Twisted-Pair ports and one BNC port.

Devices like this still show up at ebay from time to time.

Connect your PC running SIMH to a Twisted-Pair port and your MicroVAX 2000 / VAXstation 2000 to the BNC port.

Make sure to use BNC T-connectors at both ends of the coaxial cable and terminate both unused T-connector ports with 50 Ohm terminator plugs:

      |               |
  Repeater         MV2000

MicroVAX 2000 console terminal connection

  • Connect a real VT terminal (if you have got one) to your MicroVAX 2000 / VAXstation 2000 console port.


  • Use PuTTY (if your PC has got no more Serial adapter, use a USB-to-Serial adapter) to connect to your MicroVAX 2000 / VAXstation 2000 console port.

As for the MicroVAX 2000 / VAXstation 2000 console port, see VS2000 hardware info page

MicroVAX 2000

Infos on the MicroVAX 2000 / VAXstation 2000

Startup and Selftest

This is how my MicroVAX 2000 (rather a VAXstation 2000 switched to a MicroVAX 2000) starts up:

KA410-B V2.2           


 ?  E  0040  0000.0045
 ?  D  0050  0000.0005
 ?  C  0080  0000.4001
 ?  6  00A0  0000.4001

A single question mark (?) means "something special", a double question mark (??) means a hard fault.

  •  ? E => System clock (has no battery)
  •  ? D => Nonvolatile RAM (is empty because of no battery)
  •  ? C => Serial line controller (unknown terminal connected [PuTTY])
  •  ? 6 => Tape controller option (no tape controller)

Your MicroVAX 2000 / VAXstation 2000 might respond differently; see the following table for the meaning of the device identifiers:

Identifier Device
F Base video
E System clock
D Nonvolatile RAM
C Serial line controller
B Memory
A Memory-management unit
9 Floating point unit
8 Interval timer
7 Disk controller option
6 Tape controller option
5 Interrupt controller and Ethernet ID ROM
4 Optional 8-plane graphics coprocessor
3 Reserved for later use
2 Reserved for later use
1 Ethernet network interconnect (NI)

Booting the MicroVAX 2000 / VAXstation 2000

If your MicroVAX 2000 / VAXstation 2000 has no battery (as mine), it will try to boot automatically.

If it has got a battery, it will do whatever is stored in the non-volatile RAM.

If you get the chevrons prompt (>>>), type BOOT ESA0, if you enter BOOT only, it will try to boot from its disk (if present), first.



Ultrixload (using VMB version 13)
Host server is 'piggy'
Loading operating system image ...
Ultrix-32 V3.0 (Rev 64) System #1: Wed Jul  6 06:26:15 CDT 1988
real mem  = 14659584
avail mem = 11608064
using 715 buffers containing 1465344 bytes of memory
KA410 processor with an FPU
ss0 at uba0 csr 0x200a0000 vec 0xc0, ipl 0x14
se0 at uba0 csr 0x200e0000 vec 0x50, ipl 0x14
root on piggy:/usr/var/diskless/dlclient0/dewey.root
swap on piggy:/usr/var/diskless/dlclient0/dewey.swap
swap size - 16384 blocks
Automatic reboot in progress...
Thu Jul  7 17:37:06 EDT 1988
System supports 2 users (the default).
local daemons: syslog biod sendmail.
Removing remnant Opser files
running installation verification
Checking setld data files.
Checking setld data files.
Checking setld data files.
Checking setld data files.
Checking setld data files.
Checking setld data files.
preserving editor files
standard daemons:clearing /tmp
 update cron accounting network rwhod printer.
start errlog daemon - elcsd
Thu Jul  7 17:38:39 EDT 1988
Ultrix-32 V3.0 (Rev 64) (dewey)
login: root
Ultrix-32 V3.0 (Rev 64) System #1: Wed Jul  6 06:26:15 CDT 1988
                Digital Equipment Corporation
                Nashua, New Hampshire