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Charles Babbage was a British polymath who invented very advanced computing devices which included the first programmable computing device. (His engines were all digital, but entirely mechanical.) In 1821, while looking at some mathematical tables with his friend, the astronomer John Herschel, which contained numerous errors, an exasperated Babbage exclaimed "I wish to God these calculations could be done by steam!" It was to become his life's work.

A prototype of the first, the Difference Engine (an idea originated by Johann Helfrich von Müller in 1786) was started in the 1820's, but never finished. (The Science Museum recently built an actual Difference Engine, using a better design he created in 1847-49, but never attempted to build; it worked reasonably well.) His later proposed Analytical Engine (prototyping began in the 1860's) was the first programmable computing device, and a general-purpose one, but its program was fixed.

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