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The Computer History Museum is an institution in Mountain View, California (in the heart of the famed 'Silicon Valley') which is dedicated to preserving the past of computers (through its collection of historic artifacts, including many computers, as well as archives and oral histories), and educating people in general about computer and their history.

It was originally founded in 1975 as The Digital Computer Museum, which was initially at DEC, where Ken Olsen and C. Gordon Bell, the founders of the Museum (along with the latter's wife Gwen Bell), worked. In 1984 it moved to Boston, near DEC, and was re-named 'The Computer Museum'. In 1996, un-displayed items were moved to Moffett Field in Mountain View; the Computer Museum History Center. In 1999, The Computer Museum closed; some of its artifacts went to Boston’s Museum of Science, and the rest of its collection went to The Computer Museum History Center. In 2000, with The Computer Museum closed, The Computer Museum History Center was re-named to 'Computer History Museum'.

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