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* [http://www.kaleberg.com/dazzle/dazzle.html Dazzle Darts - A Lost Computer Game of the 1970s]
* [http://www.kaleberg.com/dazzle/dazzle.html Dazzle Darts - A Lost Computer Game of the 1970s]

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Video game created in the mid 70s by Hal Abelson, Nat Goodman, and Andrea diSessa inspired by the short story Bullard Reflects.

The first version ran on the MIT LOGO group PDP-11/45. It used a vector display made by Tom Knight.

It was ported to the AI lab PDP-6 and Type 340 display by Ken Harrenstien and Charles Frankston.

Source code for both versions were recovered in May 2018, thanks to Hal Abelson and Ken Harrenstien.

The PDP-11 version might run on the ITS PDP-11 emulator which includes support for the TK display. The PDP-6 version might run on Richard Cornwell's KA10 emulator.

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