Gordon Moore

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Gordon Moore is best known as the originator of Moore's Law, which observes that whenever the transistors in a planar integrated circuit are halved in size (for many decades a fairly constant evolution), the IC can hold four times as many transistors. He was perhaps also the first to realize that the IC, by moving most of the manufacturing material and labour cost into a cheaply mass-produceable item, was going to utterly change society.

Along with Robert Noyce, he made significant technical contributions to the development of the IC.

Also with Noyce, he was a co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductor; they later went on to co-found Intel.

Further reading

  • Arnold Thackray, David C. Brock, Rachel Jones, Moore's Law: The Life of Gordon Moore, Silicon Valley's Quiet Revolutionary, Basic Books, 2015

External links

  • Gordon Moore - brief biography at the IEEE Computer Society