IBM System/360

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People using a 360

The System/360 is a groundbreaking mainframe computer introduced by IBM on April 7, 1964. It ran a variety of software, such as MVS.

The System/360 was supplanted by the System/370.


  • The 360 is a 32bit machine
  • 16 general purpose 32-bit registers, 0 to 15 (usually Equated to the labels "R0" through "R15")
  • 4 floating point 64-bit registers numbered 0, 2, 4 and 6, and
  • a Program Status Word (PSW). The program status word is composed of the privileged bit, the program counter, and the memory protection key.

The 360 is a BIG endian machine, with values stored as high to low.


I don't think there is any direct S/360 emulators out there... However I'm pretty sure that Hercules will run System 360 software as the 370 is upwards compatible with the 360.