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Type: Multitasking, multiuser, batch
Creator: IBM
Architecture: IBM System/370 and compatibles, Hercules
This Version: MVS 3.8j (freely available)
Date Released: 1974

MVS (the acronym, the usual form, comes from its full name, Multiple Virtual Storage) is an IBM operating system for the IBM System/370 series computers. It is popular with hobbyists as full distributions are available and it runs very well under the Hercules emulator. There is a "turnkey" distribution available.


  • Volker Bandke's Tur(n)key 3 (TK3) System The TK3 system combines Hercules with IBM's MVS 3.8j (the last freely available IBM mainframe operating system release) and runs it very well. You can even assemble the whole system from source if you want!
  • MVS 3.8j Tur(n)key 4- System (TK4-) An update to Volker Bandke's Tur(n)key 3 (TK3) System by Jürgen Winkelmann - OS/VS2 MVS 3.8j Service Level 8505 - Tur(n)key Level 4- Version 1.00, update 08 - Explains how to access the publicly available online demo system as well as a link to the downloadable distribution packages. Original release date: November 2013. Update 08 released: September 26, 2016.

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