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Welcome to the computer history wiki!

This wiki is an experiment by me to create a means for knowledgeable people to enter their information into some kind of a knowledge base, however, not including the relatively formal tone imposed by Wikipedia. For example, sentences with "I seem to recall" would be perfectly legitimate, and even wanted, here, but would quite rapidly be weeded out of a Wikipedia article.

My desire to set up this English wiki stems from my frustration with adding information to a Norwegian wiki, the Norwegian Computer History Society wiki, and realizing that my content would be reachable only to a very limited audience - Scandinavians, at best.

If you have any information you want to contribute to this wiki, please, do it. I'd much rather remove or modify ten or twenty bad submissions than miss out on a potentially good one.

I hope this wiki could grow into a useful resource at some point, for everyone interested in classic computing, on all points of the knowledge scale. I realize that there are more specific wikis for Commodore and Amiga and so on, but this is an effort to be a more general computing history wiki.

Though the current URL is of course temporary, this is an experiment to see if people actually make edits to this page and find it useful. If it "catches on", I will register a domain with an appropriate name. (My threshold for "catches on" is quite low.) Worst case scenario, this becomes a one-user CMS; I'd write this on my homepage if it wasn't in a Wiki. :)

Toresbe 16:53, 14 May 1818 (PDT)