Microport System V

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This was a port of System V r2 to the i286 cpu. The material is dated 1987.

The system was distributed in various sections.

Microport System V/AT Runtime System

The runtime

You have in your hands a revolutionary new product, Microport's UNIX System V for the IBM PC-AT. The System V/AT product, derived from the certified port of UNIX System V Release 2 for the iAPX286 Processor Version 1, brings the UNIX system as developed by AT&T Bell Laboratories to the world of desktop computing. Because of the elegance of its design, and because of all it can do, the UNIX system has gained wide popularity since it was introduced in the late 106-s. Now you are about to implement it on your AT-compatible system. This manual is intended for a wide range of potential UNIX users, from novice to expert. You will find that learning the UNIX system requires some thought and time, and that you will be rewarded for your efforts with power and flexibility that far surpasses other operating systems.

  • Section 1: Product Overview
  • Section 2: Installation Information
  • Section 3: How the Unix System Works
  • Section 4: Unix System Capabilities
  • Section 5: Single User and Multiuser
  • Section 6: Using the File System
  • Section 7: Screen Editor Tutorial
  • Section 8: Administrative Advice
  • Section 9: FSCK
  • Section 10: LP Spooling
  • Section 11: Communication Tutorial
  • Section 12: UUCP
  • Section 13: Commands
  • Section 14: Special Files

Microport System V/AT DOS Merge 286

DOS Merge

Merge allowed you to run MS-DOS programs on an intel based SYSV UNIX machine.