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Type: Time-sharing
Creator: Andy Tanenbaum
Multitasking: Multitasking with paging/swap
Architecture: Originally 8086 was cross-platform.
Date Released: 1987

Minix is a small microkernel based operating system for teaching OS concepts in colleges. Over its life it has been ported to various CPU types and platforms, but as time has gone on it's always come back to the Intel 8086 platform.

The current version is 3, which can be found at the official Minix web site


Minix 1.5

In the past 1.5x releases Minix supported:

This is the release that interests me most, as it not only supported the most platforms, it was for a while the only cheap way to get a *NIX like OS onto your PC before the rise of Linux, and of course Linux was originaly built from Minix, and used its filesystem and device nodes..

root password

The root password is buried in the book but for my sake...

  • ast Wachtwoord
  • root Geheim


All kinds of ancient Minix can be found here. There is also the official Minix archive here.

I'm trying to track down the Bruce Evans Minix-386 stuff.