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| form factor = mini
| form factor = mini
| word size = 16 bit
| word size = 16 bit
| logic type = TTL
| year design started = 1967
| year design started = 1967
| year first shipped = 1968
| year first shipped = 1968

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Manufacturer: Norsk Data
Year Design Started: 1967
Year First Shipped: 1968
Form Factor: mini
Word Size: 16 bit
Logic Type: TTL
Operating System: SINTRAN I or Nord TSS

The NORD-1 was a 16-bit minicomputer by Norsk Data, designed in 1967. The first machines were delivered to customers in 1968. The NORD-1 could have from 4K to 64K 16-bit words of core memory. The NORD-1 came equipped as standard with floating point hardware support. It did not initially have support for Virtual Memory, but VM was added as an option by Norsk Data in 1969.

  • 16-bit address
  • 32-bit floating point
  • 16 interrupt levels
  • Core memory

In 1969 a NORD-1 was used in the world's first radar-based anti-collision system on the Wilh. Wilhelmsen ship M/S Taimyr.