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* [[Repairing un-documented MOS memory boards]]
* [[Repairing un-documented MOS memory boards]]
[[Category: PMI memories]]
[[Category: DEC Memories]]
[[Category: DEC Memories]]

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PMI memory cards are available both from DEC, and from a few outside vendors who produced and sold PMI main memory cards.

PMI memories can generally also function as QBUS memories, except that they cannot be used in a Q/Q backplane.


  • MSV11-J - (ECC, M8637)
    • MSV11-JB - 1-Mbyte (no QBUS)
    • MSV11-JC - 2-Mbyte (no QBUS)
    • MSV11-JD - 1-Mbyte
    • MSV11-JE - 2-Mbyte
  • MSV11-R - 1-Mbyte (parity, M7458)


  • QED1 (aka QED-F) - 2-Mbyte / 4-Mbyte
  • DCME-Q4E - 2-Mbyte / 4-Mbyte

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