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Virtual PC is an IBM pc emulator. It was initially created by Connectix as a Macintosh program. Later it was ported to Windows 95/NT 4.0. At that point it was bought by Microsoft.

Virtual PC has since split to include the Virtual Server program.

As the name implies, Virtual PC emulates an IBM PC.

Emulated hardware

  • dec 21140 nic


Virtual PC offers several ways to connect a VM onto the physical network


There is a simple NAT module that is similar to SLiRP, and it's configured as follows:

  • IP ADDRESS 192.168.131.XXX
  • MASK
  • DNS

You can pick any ip addres that is not 254 or 0 for your VM's address. The nat is unique per VM. In Virtual PC 5.1 and higher you can have up to 4 NIC's so you can have a 'vm only' network and one VM to act as a router etc...

Information was retrieved from here:


I've heard if you set your VM to the same MAC as your wifi card you can operate on wifi... this is currently unverified.



  • Virtual PC 1.0
  • Virtual PC 2.0
  • Virtual PC 3.0
  • Virtual PC 4.0


  • Virtual PC 5.0
  • Virtual PC 5.1

Microsoft years

  • Virtual PC 2004
  • Virtual PC 2007

Virtual PC 2007 on multiprocessor machines may experence signifigant lag and even data corruption in some cases. I've seen this with NT 3.1 & Novell Netware 3.12 .. The 'fix' is to set Virtual PC's affinity to a single CPU BEFORE any VM's have started.

Virtual Server

  • Virtual Server 2005
  • Virtual Server 2005R2


  • Windows 2008 server with Hyper V

Initially Virtual PC was built for playing legacy video games under new operating systems, Hence the SoundBlaster 16 support. However once Microsoft realized that it could be used to support legacy OS's, and of course test development they bought out the company. Now insted of their developers having dozens of test machines, they can quickly test within Virtual PC.

Depending on the version, the emulated hardware has slightly changed over the years breaking backwards compatability with older OS's.