Visual C++ 1.5

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Visual C++ 1.5
Creator: Microsoft
Platform: Windows 3.1
Date Released: 1994

Visual C++ 1.5 was a popular release of the 16 bit line of Visual C++, and was bundled with Visual C++ 2.0. It was followed by 1.52, up to 1.52c which was bundled with Visual C++ 4.0, becoming the last 16 bit release. Although Visual C++ was a Windows IDE, the underlying compiler supported generating DOS executables as well as Windows executables.

Due to the large number of memory models supported in 16 bit Windows, it was not possible to have a CRT DLL. All applications were required to statically link the correct version of the CRT for the type of binary being constructed (DOS, Windows EXE, Windows DLL) with the correct memory model for the application.


Microsoft (R) C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 8.00c
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corp 1984-1993. All rights reserved.

                          C COMPILER OPTIONS

                            -MEMORY MODEL-
/AS small model (default)               /AC compact model
/AM medium model                        /AL large model
/AH huge model                          /AT tiny model (.COM files)
/A<string> (custom memory model)
/O enable optimization (same as /Ot)    /O1 minimize space
/O2 maximize speed                      /Oa assume no aliasing
/Ob<n> inline expansion (default n=0)   /Oc local common subexpression opt.
/Od disable optimization (default)      /Oe enable registers allocation
/Of[-] toggle p-code quoting            /Og global common subexpression opt.
/Oi enable intrinsic functions          /Ol enable loop optimizations
/On disable "unsafe" optimizations      /Oo[-] toggle post code-gen. opt.
/Op[-] improve floating-pt consistency  /Oq enable maximum p-code optimization
/Or gen. common exit code (CodeView)    /Os favor code size
/Ot favor code speed                    /Ov[-] toggle p-code frame sorting
/OV<n> control inlining by func. size   /Ow assume cross-function aliasing
/Ox maximum opts. (/Ob1cegilnot /Gs)    /Oz enable "unsafe" optimizations
                          -CODE GENERATION-
/G0 8086 instructions (default)         /G1  186 instructions
/G2  286 instructions                   /G3  386 instructions
/GA protected-mode Win entry/exit code  /GD protected-mode Win entry/exit code
/GE<x> customize Windows entry/exit     /Gq backwards compatibility with v. 6
/Gc Pascal style calling conventions    /Gd C style calling conventions
/Ge use stack-check calls               /Gf enable string pooling
/Gs remove stack-check calls            /Gn remove p-code native entry points
/Gp<num> specify p-code entry tables    /Gr _fastcall style calling convention
/Gt[num] data size threshold            /GW real-mode Windows entry/exit code
/Gw real-mode Windows entry/exit code   /Gx assume that data is near
/Gx- assume that data is far            /Gy separate functions for linker
/Zr check null pointers (/f only)
                            -OUTPUT FILES-
/Fa[file] name assembly listing file    /Fc[file] name source/object listing
/Fd[file] name .PDB filename            /Fe<file> name executable filename
/Fl[file] name object listing filename  /Fm[file] name map filename
/Fo<file> name object filename          /Fr[file] name .SBR filename
/Fp<file> name .PCH filename            /FR[file] name extended .SBR filename
/Fs[file] name source listing filename
/C don't strip comments                 /D<name>[=|#text] define macro
/E preprocess to stdout                 /EP same as /E but no #line
/I<directory> add #include path         /P preprocess to file
/U<name> remove predefined macro        /u remove all defined macros
  (press <return> to continue)
/X ignore "standard places"
/vd{0|1} disable/enable vtordisp        /vm<x> type of pointers to members
/Z7 C 7 style CodeView information      /Za disable extensions (implies /Op)
/Zd line number information             /Ze enable extensions (default)
/Zg generate function prototypes        /Zi prepare for debugging (CodeView)
/Zl omit default library name in .OBJ   /Zp[n] pack structs on n-byte boundary
/Zs check syntax only
                           -FLOATING POINT-
/FPa calls with altmath                 /FPc calls with emulator
/FPc87 calls with 8087 library          /FPi inline with emulator (default)
/FPi87 inline with 8087
                           -SOURCE LISTING-
/Sl<columns> set line width             /Sp<lines> set page length
/St<string> set title string            /Ss<string> set subtitle string
/batch specify batch mode compilation   /Bm<num> set compiler's available mem.
/c compile only, no link                /H<num> external name length
/J default char type is unsigned        /f select fast compiler (default)
/f- select optimizing compiler          /Yc create .PCH file
/Yd put debug info in .PCH file         /Yu use .PCH file
/YX automatic precompiled header        /nologo suppress copyright message
/Mq compile for QuickWin                /ND<name> name data segment
/NM<name> name code segment             /NQ<name> combine p-code temp segments
/NT<name> name code segment             /NV<name> name far v-table segment
/Tc<file> compile file without .c       /Tp<file> compile file without .cpp
/V<string> set version string           /W<n> warning level (default n=1)
/w disable all warnings                 /WX treat all warnings as errors
/Zn turn off SBRPACK for .SBR files
                            -MASM SUPPORT-
/MA<MASM switch>                        /Ta<file> assemble file without .asm
/F <hex_num> stack size (hex. bytes)    /Lr append 'r' to default lib in .OBJ
/link [lib] give lib name to linker     /Ln do not link CRT.LIB
/Ld select dynamically-linked library   /Lw select statically-linked library


Microsoft (R) Segmented Executable Linker  Version 5.60.339 Dec  5 1994
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1984-1993.  All rights reserved.


LINK @<response file>
LINK <objs>,<exefile>,<mapfile>,<libs>,<deffile>

Valid options are:
  /?                             /ALIGNMENT
  /BATCH                         /CODEVIEW
  /CPARMAXALLOC                  /DOSSEG
  /DSALLOCATE                    /DYNAMIC
  /EXEPACK                       /FARCALLTRANSLATION
  /HELP                          /HIGH
  /INFORMATION                   /LINENUMBERS
  /MAP                           /NODEFAULTLIBRARYSEARCH
  /NOLOGO                        /NONULLSDOSSEG
  /NOFREEMEM                     /OLDOVERLAY
  /ONERROR                       /OVERLAYINTERRUPT
  /PACKCODE                      /PACKDATA
  /PACKFUNCTIONS                 /PAUSE
  /PCODE                         /PMTYPE
  /QUICKLIBRARY                  /SEGMENTS
  /STACK                         /TINY


Microsoft (R) Program Maintenance Utility   Version 1.40
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corp 1988-93. All rights reserved.

Usage:  NMAKE @commandfile
        NMAKE [options] [/f makefile] [/x stderrfile] [macrodefs] [targets]


/A Build all evaluated targets         /B Build if time stamps are equal
/C Suppress output messages            /D Display build information
/E Override env-var macros             /HELP Display brief usage message
/I Ignore exit codes from commands     /K Build unrelated targets on error
/N Display commands but do not execute /NOLOGO Suppress copyright message
/P Display NMAKE information           /Q Check time stamps but do not build
/R Ignore predefined rules/macros      /S Suppress executed-commands display
/T Change time stamps but do not build
/? Display brief usage message