Visual C++ 5.0

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Visual C++ 5.0
Creator: Microsoft
Platform: Windows NT 4.0+/Windows 95
Previous Version: Visual C++ 4.0
Date Released: 1997

Visual C++ 5.0 was the first release following Windows NT 4.0 and included updated support for it. Applications compiled with Visual C++ 5.0 using a CRT DLL needed MSVCRT.DLL to function. This release defaults to compiling executables with /FIXED and dropped support for Win32s. By the time of this release, support for MIPS and PowerPC had been dropped on Windows NT, so 5.0 existed as an Intel version and a RISC version which only supported Alpha.

01/22/1997  09:36 PM           563,984 C1.DLL
01/22/1997  09:36 PM         1,047,312 C1XX.DLL
01/22/1997  09:36 PM           630,544 C2.EXE
01/22/1997  04:57 PM            46,080 CL.EXE
01/22/1997  09:40 PM           359,424 LINK.EXE
01/22/1997  09:45 PM            68,608 NMAKE.EXE


Microsoft (R) 32-bit C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 11.00.7022 for 80x86
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1984-1997. All rights reserved.

                          C/C++ COMPILER OPTIONS


/O1 minimize space                       /Op[-] improve floating-pt consistency
/O2 maximize speed                       /Os favor code space
/Oa assume no aliasing                   /Ot favor code speed
/Ob<n> inline expansion (default n=0)    /Ow assume cross-function aliasing
/Od disable optimizations (default)      /Ox maximum opts. (/Ogityb1 /Gs)
/Og enable global optimization           /Oy[-] enable frame pointer omission
/Oi enable intrinsic functions

                             -CODE GENERATION-

/G3 optimize for 80386                   /Ge enable stack checking calls
/G4 optimize for 80486                   /Gs[num] disable stack checking calls
/G5 optimize for Pentium                 /Gh enable hook function call
/G6 optimize for Pentium Pro             /GR[-] enable C++ RTTI
/GB optimize for blended model (default) /GX[-] enable C++ EH (same as /EHsc)
/Gd __cdecl calling convention           /Gi[-] enable incremental compilation
/Gr __fastcall calling convention        /Gm[-] enable minimal rebuild
/Gz __stdcall calling convention         /EHs enable synchronous C++ EH
/GA optimize for Windows Application     /EHa enable asynchronous C++ EH
/GD optimize for Windows DLL             /EHc extern "C" defaults to nothrow
/Gf enable string pooling                /QIfdiv[-] enable Pentium FDIV fix
/GF enable read-only string pooling      /QI0f[-] enable Pentium 0x0f fix
/Gy separate functions for linker

                              -OUTPUT FILES-

/Fa[file] name assembly listing file     /Fo<file> name object file
/FA[sc] configure assembly listing       /Fp<file> name precompiled header file
/Fd[file] name .PDB file                 /Fr[file] name source browser file
/Fe<file> name executable file           /FR[file] name extended .SBR file
/Fm[file] name map file


/C don't strip comments                  /FI<file> name forced include file
/D<name>{=|#}<text> define macro         /U<name> remove predefined macro
/E preprocess to stdout                  /u remove all predefined macros
/EP preprocess to stdout, no #line       /I<dir> add to include search path
/P preprocess to file                    /X ignore "standard places"


/vd{0|1} disable/enable vtordisp         /Za disable extensions (implies /Op)
/vm<x> type of pointers to members       /Ze enable extensions (default)
/Zi generate debugging information       /Zg generate function prototypes
/Z7 generate old-style debug info        /Zl omit default library name in .OBJ
/Zd line number debugging info only      /Zs syntax check only
/Zp[n] pack structs on n-byte boundary   /noBool disable "bool" keyword


/?, /help print this help message        /V<string> set version string
/c compile only, no link                 /w disable all warnings
/H<num> max external name length         /W<n> set warning level (default n=1)
/J default char type is unsigned         /WX treat warnings as errors
/nologo suppress copyright message       /Yc[file] create .PCH file
/Tc<source file> compile file as .c      /Yd put debug info in every .OBJ
/Tp<source file> compile file as .cpp    /Yu[file] use .PCH file
/TC compile all files as .c              /YX[file] automatic .PCH
/TP compile all files as .cpp            /Zm<n> max memory alloc (% of default)


/MD link with MSVCRT.LIB                 /MDd link with MSVCRTD.LIB debug lib
/ML link with LIBC.LIB                   /MLd link with LIBCD.LIB debug lib
/MT link with LIBCMT.LIB                 /MTd link with LIBCMTD.LIB debug lib
/LD Create .DLL                          /F<num> set stack size
/LDd Create .DLL debug libary            /link [linker options and libraries]


Microsoft (R) 32-Bit Incremental Linker Version 5.10.7303
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1992-1997. All rights reserved.

usage: LINK [options] [files] [@commandfile]




Microsoft (R) Program Maintenance Utility   Version 1.62.7022
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1988-1997. All rights reserved.

Usage:  NMAKE @commandfile
        NMAKE [options] [/f makefile] [/x stderrfile] [macrodefs] [targets]


/A Build all evaluated targets
/B Build if time stamps are equal
/C Suppress output messages
/D Display build information
/E Override env-var macros
/HELP Display brief usage message
/I Ignore exit codes from commands
/K Build unrelated targets on error
/N Display commands but do not execute
/NOLOGO Suppress copyright message
/P Display NMAKE information
/Q Check time stamps but do not build
/R Ignore predefined rules/macros
/S Suppress executed-commands display
/T Change time stamps but do not build
/U Dump inline files
/Y Disable batch-mode
/? Display brief usage message