WAITS system directories

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System directories in the WAITS file system:

  • [1,1] is the Master File Directory with .UFD files for all user directories.
  • [1,2] is the operator directory.
  • [2,2] has plan files.
  • [3,2] has help files.
  • [1,3] is SYS: with all system-wide executables.
  • [S,SYS] has monitor source code.
  • [S,DOC] has system documentation.
  • [CSP,SYS] has source code for CUSPs.
  • [UP,DOC] has documentation for CUSPs.
  • [FAI,SRC] has source code for FAIL.
  • [FAI,DMP] has executables for many versions of FAIL.

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