Windows 3.00.55 Beta

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Microsoft Windows 3.00.55 Beta
Microsoft Windows 3.00.55 Beta About Windows
Creator: Microsoft
Architecture: i8086
Date Released: 1990

Windows 3.0 build 55 is a pre-release version of the Windows 3.0 that was shipped to testers in January 1990, as a demonstration of the upcoming version of Windows.

At this point, the product was nearly finished in terms of features and overall usability, and aside from major memory improvements over Windows 2.x, would also include a completely redesigned graphical user interface, namely the Program and File Manager to replace the MS-DOS Executive seen in previous versions of Windows.

A personal computer magazine, InfoWorld, has a full article demonstrating a version of Microsoft Windows 3.0 from this time period in an issue from January 1990.

This version should be installed on a machine running Microsoft MS-DOS 4.0, IBM DOS 4.0, or Compaq DOS 3.31 in order to take advantage of the new features available in this version of Windows.

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