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Manufacturer: Digital Equipment Corporation
Drive Controller(s): RK611 (UNIBUS)
Capacity: 28 MB
Media: dual platter removable disk cartridge
2 rk07's
RK07 drive

Introduced in 1976, the RK07 is a 28MB, dual platter removable disk cartridge drive manufactured by Digital Equipment Corporation.

One of the special features of the unit was that it could be dual ported.

The UNIBUS controller was the RK611.

28 MB, disk cartridge drive, 538 KB/s transfer, 49 ms average access time, 6.5 ms track-to-track seek time, 2400 rpm


The RK06/7 uses a cable with latching connectors at each end to go between drives; the part number of the original cable is 70-12192-xx (where xx is the length, one of -08, 12, 25, or 40).

To get from the controller to the first drive of the string, a BC06R-06 flat cable goes from the controller to a transition adapter (part number 70-12415-0-0) in a mounting bracket attached to the rack; a standard cable goes from there to the first drive.

The drive string must be ended with a terminator on the 'out' port of the last drive, part number 70-12293-0-0 (although the terminators generally have no markings on them). Terminators in both plain black plastic, and with silvery metallic coating, have been observed.

The terminators and transition adapters for the RL0x disk drives and RK06/07 drives are the same, and interchangeable. The cables are semi-compatible; RK06/7 cables may be used with the RL0x, but not the other way around - those for the RK06/07 have additional wires which are not present in the RL0x cables.