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The BA11 is the name for a series of hex system unit backplane mounting boxes for the H960 series of 19"-wide racks produced by DEC. Although they were intended to principally be rack-mounted, many were available in table-top configuration as well.

The H960 racks provided 63" of vertical mounting space, divided into units of 10-1/2", which were further sub-dividable into a pair of 5-1/4" spaces. The BA11 mounting boxes were designed for these spaces.

They included:

The -F was a 21" box, and the -E and -L were 5-1/4"; the rest (other than the -P) were all 10-1/2". All of them other than the earliest -C and -E models provided the standard DEC power distribution connectors; the 9-pin version in the -D, and the 6/15 version in the others.

There were also several boxes in the BA11 series which held quad QBUS backplanes:

These were all 5-1/4" high.

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