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INTERLISP is a LISP dialect developed at Xerox PARC from BBN LISP.


The first version of INTERLISP was essentially a renaming of the latest iteration of BBN LISP, which was hosted on PDP-10 computers running TENEX. When built for running on a Maxc, it can use the compact Byte Lisp instruction set provided by that computer.


The version of INTERLISP running on the Xerox Alto was called AltoLisp. AltoLisp served as a model and departure point for Interlisp-D. - Teitelman and Masinter.


INTERLISP was ported to the Xerox D machines, and this version was called Interlisp-D.

According to Larry Masinter: All Interlisp-D machines were microcoded to emulate a bytecode set that evolved only in small ways from the Deutsch design.

Other hosts

INTERLISP was ported to the IBM System/370, CDC 3300, Burroughs B6700, Jericho, PDP-11/40E (not a stock PDP-11; it had hardware and microcode modifications), and VAX.

There is an InterLISP/65 for the Atari 400/800 series. It's most likely a tiny subset of the full language.

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