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NetBSD 0.8 booted

NetBSD 0.8 was released on the 19th of April 1993. This was the first public version of NetBSD.

I've just been provided with the source code to NetBSD 0.8 . It can be downloaded from my website here.

0.8 compiles more with pieces from 386 BSD 0.1 pl22 under 386 BSD. However because I had to copy numerous files from 386 BSD it's not quite a 'legit' version of NetBSD 0.8, but it is currently as close as you'll get. Again borrowing from 386 BSD, I've gotten the userland to build (that was in CVS) and it's capable of building itself, as that is what the current Qemu image is.


  • i386


It seems that NetBSD 0.8 largely identifies itself as 386BSD... Take a look at the /etc/motd file in CVS:

Revision 1.2, Fri Apr 2 07:58:27 1993 UTC (17 years, 8 months ago) by cgd 
Branch: MAIN 
CVS Tags: netbsd-alpha-1, netbsd-0-8
Changes since 1.1: +1 -1 lines

made motd "more standard"
386BSD 0.1.0  07/12/92 22:20

Welcome to 386BSD!

getting this to run

It is a MAJOR ordeal to get this to run, but I've done all the hard work, and you can just download a ready to run image for Qemu from sourceforge.

For anyone interested in doing it manually, first install 386 BSD 0.1, then update it to pl23, download the NetBSD 0.8 CVS, then try to follow my NetBSD 0.8 kernel building notes and NetBSD 0.8 userland building notes.


NetBSD mainlined the games...

arithmetic@     cfscores@       hangman@        ppt@            snscore@
atc@            chess@          hide/           primes*         teachgammon@
backgammon@     cribbage@       larn@           quiz@           trek@
banner*         dm*             mille@          rain*           wargames*
battlestar@     factor*         monop@          robots@         worm@
bcd@            fish@           morse@          rogue@          worms*
caesar*         fortune*        number*         sail@           wump@
canfield@       hack@           pom*            snake@


what runs

I'm unsure of what version of gcc NetBSD 0.8 should have been using, but again I'm still thinking it was all on parity with 386 BSD 0.1 pl23.

I've managed to build:

  • ircII-4.4
  • gzip 1.2.4
  • lynx 2.8.1rel.2
  • bash 1.12.1
  • screen 3.02.00