TUK50 Host Adapter Module

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TUK50-AA board

The TUK50 Host Adapter Module is a UNIBUS device controller for the TK50 magnetic tape drive. It uses TMSCP.

It is a quad board, the M7547, and plugs into an SPC slot. Data is transferred to the host using DMA; installation of a TUK50 thus requires removal of the NPG jumper from the selected slot.

It contains an Intel 80186 microprocessor, along with on-board static RAM and PROM chips; a 7201 Multi-Protocol Serial Controller is used to communicate with the drive.


TUK50 cabling

The TK50 responds to two addresses on the UNIBUS; the initialize poll (IP) register and the status address (SA) register. The installer may change these addresses by changing the address jumpers on the board. The first TK50's UNIBUS base address is normally 0774500; additional unit are assigned floating addresses.

The controller module has the following jumpers and switches:

TUK50 Jumpers
  • Jumper W51, W61, W401 - Manufacturing use only
  • Jumpers W1 through W12 - Address
  • Jumper W201 - Non-existent memory timeout extension - With the jumper removed, the non-existent memory timeout is extended from 28 nanoseconds to 37 microseconds; the manufacturing configuration is 'installed'
  • Hardware revision - An 8-wide DIP switch used to set the hardware revision level of the module; 'open' on a switch reads as '0'
  • Unit number - An 8-wide DIP switch used to set the TMSCP unit number; the sense is as the above

Further reading

  • TUK50 Field Maintenance Print Set (MP-2059) - not online

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