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The TURBOchannel was developed for and used on the VAXstation 4000 series, the MIPS-based DECstation series, and the Alpha-based DEC 3000 series of DEC workstation computers.

The range of DEC TURBOchannel adapter types includes:

  • Video options: PMAG* MX/CX/PX/PXG Graphics Boards
  • SCSI options: PMAZ* SCSI controllers
  • FDDI option: PMAF TURBOchannel FDDI option board
  • Ethernet option: PMAD 10 Mbps Ethernet controller
  • Token Ring option: PMAT TURBOchannel Token Ring Adapter
  • VMEbus option: PMABV TURBOchannel to VME option board

Additionally there were numerous TURBOchannel options from third-party vendors.

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