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I don't think the CTI BUS‎‎ is important enough (it's only available on the Professional 300, not on any 'classic' PDP-11s) or different enough (from the QBUS) to be worth cluttering up this navigation box with. Neither the Private Memory Interconnect, nor the CD interconnect buses, available on a lot of PDP-11's, were deemed worth listing there, so this isn't simple Pro-300 antagonism. (And there are a lot of other PDP-11 pages which aren't included wither - e.g. FIS floating point, PDP-11 Extended Instruction Set, PDP-11 Commercial Instruction Set, etc, etc, etc - again, to avoid cluttering it up with less important topics.) So, unless there's a good reason to include the CTI BUS, I propose we leave it out. Jnc (talk) 16:49, 28 June 2023 (CEST)

I disagree; precisely because the PC 300 series was the black sheep in the PDP-11 family and the CTI-BUS was probably one of the main factors in the failure of the "Personal" PDP-11, I think the CTI-Bus is important enough for that it is explicitly stated. There are also around a dozen CTI modules for the PRO 300 series.Vaxorcist (talk)