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(building a kernel)
(building a kernel)
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*test / [

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386BSD 0.0 floppy

386BSD 0.0 ... is bare. It is not what you would expect, being spoiled in multiuser systems!

As they state:

     At  the  moment,  386BSD  comes up single user, and re-
quires manual starting of the system  daemons,  as  well  as
filesystem  checks. In use, one would minimally wish to type
after booting:

fsck -p
mount -a

     This will improve in forthcoming  versions  of  386BSD.
Be  aware  that  the  user is running as the super-user, and
care should be taken given the maximum privileges present.

that is right, no login, you are just running as root!!!!

The 0.0 announcement

386BSD 0.0 announcement

what runs

Well there isn't even a 'ps' command! Gcc is version 1.39! A 'full' install, binaries and source is 43mb! this is a super bare bones port!

  • Ethernet seems to be only WD 8003 cards, and NE2000 ...

building a kernel easily causes it to trap!..

danger ahead!

building a kernel

the first thing you'll have to deal with is missing commands..

  • sort
  • grep
  • test / [