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Hello, I am interested in all kinds of obsolete operating systems, hardware and lore. I do maintain a soso blog here & a BBS.

If I were to have any real goal here, it is to make various old systems more accessible, and useful for new users. I used to maintain binary builds for the SIMH project on sourceforge, the latest versions can be found here.

I have also put together a package to allow an easy windows setup of 4.2 BSD & 4.3 BSD RENO for end users. I maintain a version on sourceforge as well right here. Lately I've been playing with Macintosh emulation with a custom Basilisk II fork, Cockatrice, and I assisted in porting Shoebill to Windows.

For what it's worth, I'm the one that got 4.2 BSD booting up under SIMH for the first time..... ;)

You can always drop me a line at neozeed .AT. gmail .DOT. com

I've moved to Hong Kong! Sadly as part of the process I lost all my legacy equipment. Very sad indeed. I only have images of stuff I had the foresight to make backups of. In the last few years I've also managed to get married, and start a family!

New images!

Im trying to tie together List of DEC part numbers with parts I can find on ebay...

If only someone could delete the SPAM from the SPAMMERS!!!!!