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386BSD 0.0 floppy

So far I just found out that 386 BSD 0.0 runs on VMWare Fusion on OS X enough to run the floppy. I'm running into issues with the hard disk, with constant errors of:

wd0: Format error in bad sector file

Which I'm thinking ties back to geometry.

I'll have to find a way to nicely re-create a Connor disk that has a disktab for 386BSD to make a 'like like' install, which didn't work. I think the only way out will be to make some disks, and boot it on a real pc with a hard disk that I've used to image Xenix and see if any emulator will load the disk image.

Another hint from usenet

h...@pegasus.com (Huy Dinh) writes: 
>Has anybody gotten the 386BSD 0.0 to boot off a Maxtor LXT213A IDE 
>harddrive?  I've managed to boot off the floppy, create a disktab 
>entry for the drive, label it, and newfs the a and h partition.  I 
>do get error messages saying that there's a format error in the 
>bad track table and an occasional extra-interrupt error.  However, 

I dont know about the rest, but the bad format track error comes from 
your disktab entry.  If the drive is 1001 cylc (like mine) you have 
to create a disk tab saying that is is 996 cylc.  disktab/mkfs know that 
they can go 5 cylcs beyond the value in the disktab entry.  So in your case 
if your drive ONLY has 1001 then disktab/mkfs was trying to format cylcs 1002 
to 1006 thus producing an error. 

The 0.0 announcement

386BSD 0.0 announcement