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(Besta - Russian sun-3 clone)
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Besta-88 is a Soviet graphics workstation, that was a clone of a Sun-3.

There are pictures of the case, various pictures of CPU VME boards, and a single picture of a booting ( or non-booting as the case may be ) system.

[The case:]

[An early CPU VME board, with a 68010R10 ( 10Mhz 68010 ): ]

[A presumably working CPU VME board, with a MC68030R33 ( 33Mhz 68030 )]

[A boot screen, which lists 'Stollmann' as the company who ported ATT SYS Vr3 to the Besta: ]

[Stollmann is still listed in Berlin: They authored a paper on Data flow archicture: ]