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Older News:

  • Categories upgrade - In an attempt to make the Uncategorized Pages list more useful, a lot of work on categories was just done. See here for details. It's probably worth glancing at the list of categories to see which ones exist now. Jnc (talk) 14:48, 17 December 2018 (CET)
    • The 'stub' and 'semi-stub' categories have gone away, because they mess up the Uncategorized Pages list; the templates will remain, though (and people should keep using them). Jnc (talk) 23:31, 18 December 2018 (CET)
  • Semi-stubs - Since we have a lot of articles that are better than pure stubs, but could still use more content, I have created a new 'semi-stub article' template for them, to display a note, etc: Template:Semi-stub. Syntax is just like 'stub': {{semi-stub}}. Jnc (talk) 16:01, 18 September 2018 (CEST)
    • Update: I have gone through the entire list of stub articles, and moved all the better ones to semi-stubs. That leaves about ~270 real stubs. Jnc (talk) 02:11, 22 October 2018 (CEST)
  • Category work - As a result of an observation about Web crawlers being able to find all our content pages, I've started a major campaign to improve categories, make sure all articles are tagged, etc. I have some queries; see here (the best place I could think of to discuss them, since we've had similar discussions there before). Jnc (talk) 00:40, 11 June 2018 (CEST)
  • Major version update - Mediawiki has been updated to latest release. If there are any problems that should appear, please let me know. -- Tore (talk) 16:13, 15 April 2018 (CEST)
    • (Fixed) We're currently experiencing a problem where non-logged-in users see old versions of some pages. You can check for this by going to a page's 'History' tab (which also does not show recent versions, on affected pages), and in the 'From month' pulldown menu, select 'May', and then hit 'Go'; all the versions do show up. Clicking on the most recent version in that list will get you the most recent text. Jnc (talk) 12:55, 23 May 2018 (CEST)
    • (Fixed) Uploading of content (images, etc) is also currently broken. Regular article editing works, though. Jnc (talk) 16:44, 17 June 2018 (CEST)
  • VAX article imports - I have just imported a large number of VAX articles provided by Antonio Carlini; I have looked at the history of all of them, and where there was previous content, I have merged it back in. I think I got them all - if I missed any, I do humbly apologize! Jnc (talk) 16:08, 29 July 2017 (CEST)
  • I am very sorry for having neglected this wiki for so long. I have authorized two other users to create accounts and AFAIK cleared the backlog of user signup requests. If anyone still has an outstanding request, please let me know. -- Tore (talk) 13:47, 24 July 2017 (CEST)
  • The domain has been moved to a less glacial server. Hope everything works fine! -- Tore (talk) 00:54, 2 December 2015 (CET)
  • After some strange malware problems - presumably owing to our hosting provider being compromised, the site is once again free of worry. All reports of problems go to me, with my gratitude. -- Tore (talk) 00:50, 10 June 2012 (PDT)
  • To get some measure of control over spam, user creation has been temporarily disabled. Please send Toresbe a mail if you wish for him to set up an account. This should be a short-term, temporary measure. -- Tore (talk) 21:32, 10 February 2011 (PST)
  • Phew. The spam has really been hitting this wiki pretty hard lately. I've had to enable user account verification in order for this wiki to at all be able to survive. Thanks for everyones' efforts in curtailing the spam. -- Tore (talk) 14:52, 8 February 2011 (PST)
  • Hey everyone, I'm still alive as is this Wiki - and although I'm not putting all that much effort myself into making article edits, I'm still happily maintaining the site and it seems to be accumulating interesting content. A special thank-you goes to Neozeed for his tireless contributions. The wiki will be maintained, and backups are made of the content. -- Tore (talk) 15:04, 15 November 2010 (UTC)
  • We've passed the 500 article mark, much in thanks to our consummate contributer Neozeed! We've also become the top first or second result on Google for a number of terms. Good job, everyone! -- Lucky 21:46, 5 April 2010 (UTC)
  • Although the site has been neglected at times, and our two year anniversary went unmarked, we're still around! Toresbe has made user registration mandatory to deal with the large amount of spam we've been receiving. New templates have been created and more navigation boxes, articles on peripherals and systems have been added too. Keep up the good work everyone, I'm especially proud of the tutorials we now have for SIMH! :) -- Lucky 18 July 2009