DR11-B parallel interface

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The DR11-B was a parallel interface for the UNIBUS which used DMA to transfer data.


It was constructed from a number of smaller Flip Chips which were installed in custom 4-slot system unit backplane. The extant DR11-B documentation does not show either the modules used in the DR11-B, or their locations in the backplane.

The modules are:

  • M112 - NOR gates
  • M113 - 10 x 2-input NAND gates
  • M116 - NOR gates
  • M205 - 5 x 'D' flip flops
  • M208 - 8-bit buffer / shift-register
  • M239 - Status and Command Register
  • 2 x M611 - High speed power inverters
  • M796 - UNIBUS Master Control
  • M7821 - Interrupt Control
  • M7219 - Bus Interface

The M7219 is a quad card; the others are all single. (The M796 and M7821 are extended length; the others are all standard length.)

Connection to the user device is via either a pair of M957 Split-Lug Cable boards, or via an M9760 (dual) Twisted Pair Cable Connector board. The M9680 (dual) board is a loopback test board, which can be used in place of the user connection board(s).