DW11 UNIBUS-to-LSI-11 Bus Converter

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The DW11 UNIBUS-to-LSI-11 Bus Converter is a sub-system which allows the connection of a UNIBUS to a QBUS. Normal master/slave cycles, DMA cycles, and interrupts can all pass through the DW11. It was a Q18 QBUS device, so all addresses were passed across un-modified.

It was used in configurations where the arbitrating CPU was on the UNIBUS; it is not clear if it would function correctly with the arbitrating CPU on the QBUS side.

Physically, it consisted of two different boards: a quad M8217 board, which plugged into a UNIBUS SPC slot; and an M9403 dual card, which plugged into the first slot of a QBUS backplane. The two are connected by a pair of 40-conductor flat cables, which plugged into a pair of Berg headers on each card; the BC05L cable was specified for this.

It was originally from DEC's Computer Special Systems division.

Further reading

  • DW11 UNIBUS to LSI-11 Bus Converter Installation Guide (EK-DW11A-IN) - not available online; available in fiche

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