Digital Ethernet Large-scale-integration UNIBUS Adapter

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The Digital Ethernet Large-scale Integration UNIBUS Adapter (short, and usual, name DELUA) was DEC's second UNIBUS to Ethernet network interface. It consisted of one hex board, the M7521.

A number of complex chips are used:

The DELUA has 128KB of DRAM (using 64Kx1 DRAM chips), probably with parity, used for both buffers, and also to hold the microprocessor's code; there is also 16KB of ROM containing its firmware, which is copied to DRAM on startup, as the latter is faster.

See also

  • DEUNA, the DELUA's predecessor

Further reading

  • DELUA Technical Description (EK-DELUA-TD)
  • DELUA Field Maintenance Print Set (MP-01787)

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