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Geos started as a graphical environment for the Commodore 64, 128 and the Apple II microcomputers.

8 bit versions

Version 1.x

Geos 1.3 on the Commodore 64

Version 2.x

16 bit versions

Soon it was obvious that the 8bit market was dying, and it was time for Geos to transition to new platforms. A new system was written in assembler that used the Motif look & feel to give the IBM PC a new GUI. AOL was an early adopter of Geos, and its early dialer programs used Geos.

For a small amount of time Geos was bundled with lower end systems, as it had a low system requirements. However their delays in giving out a developer SDK doomed the platform, as they were unable to compete with Microsoft Windows 3.0 & their onslaught.