KA11 changes for the KT11-B

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The KT11-B Paging Option for the PDP-11/20 involves some modifications to the KA11 CPU. Those changes are documented in a DEC print set, 7605961-0, "Central Processor for KT11-B".

Alas, there's only one known set of these prints for the KT11-B changes to the KA11 - and that set is missing a page: "PC Board Modifications", D-AP-7605961-0-10.

Luckily, there is probably just duplicate information elsewhere (including a hand-modified set of KA11 prints, showing the changes to suppport the KT11-B) to allow it to be reproduced.

Print set

The following prints are included in the "Central Processor for KT11-B" set:

Drawing Sheets Title
D-CS-7605961-0-3 3 State Control - M727 K2
D-CS-7605961-0-4 3 Priority - M824 K3
D-CS-7605961-0-5 3 Bus Interface & Instruction Register - M725 K9
D-CS-7605961-0-6 3 Instruction Register Decode - M726 K10
D-CS-7605961-0-7 3 Flag Control - M822 K12
D-CS-7605961-0-8 3 Bus & Console Control - M724 K13