KW11-L Line Time Clock

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KW11-L card

The KW11-L Line Time Clock is a UNIBUS device option which provides a line time clock, producing interrupts at a rate of 50 or 60 Hz, driven from the AC power provided to the CPU's power supply.

The programming interface is extremely simple; there is one register, with two bits; one to enable interrupts, and one which is set for every clock cycle (and causes an interrupt when that happens, if the other bit is set).

Physically, the original KW11-L is an extended-length single-height board (M787), which plugs into a dedicated slot in the CPU's backplane. Only the PDP-11/20, PDP-11/40, PDP-11/45 and PDP-11/70 support the original card, although later PDP-11's generally provided a program compatible equivalent. E.g. on later UNIBUS machines (e.g. the PDP-11/04 and PDP-11/34), the functionality was included in the DL11-W.

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