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What is the difference between MicroVMS and VMS?

MicroVMS is a special "downsized" version of VMS V4.x for the (at that time) new MicroVAX/VAXstation models. There were no other MicroVMS versions, neither before nor after VMS V4.x. The very first version of MicroVMS for the MicroVAX I was named MicroVMS V1.0, which sometimes leads to confusion. MicroVMS V1.0 is probably a kind of pre-release MicroVMS V4.0. All other MicroVMS versions were numbered exactly like their "big brothers".

Reasons that led to the fork of MicroVMS:

  • Cookbook-Style Documentation
  • Simplification of System Management
  • Hardware restrictions

Reasons that made MicroVMS unnessary from VMS V5 onwards

MicroVMS Media:

  • V4.0: 32 RX50 (without Mandatory Updates)
  • V4.1: 3 RX50
  • V4.2: n RX50 / 1 TK50
  • V4.2MUP: 1 RX50 / 1 TK50
  • V4.5: 16(Base)+25 RX50 / 1 TK50
  • V4.6: 16(Base)+26 RX50 / 1 TK50
MicroVAX support in VMS V4.x
Version Type Date written MicroVAX support
4.0 Full 23-SEP-1984 NO
4.1 Update 11-JAN-1985 YES: VMS041.A-VMS041 / VMS041.B-VMSONLY / VMS041.C-UVMSONLY
4.2 Full 12-JUL-1985 NO
4.4 Full 30-MAR-1986 YES (integral part of all Savesets)
4.5 Update 26-SEP-1986 YES: same as with V4.3 (individual Savesets)
4.6 Full 15-JUN-1987 YES: same as with V4.4 (integral part of all Savesets)
4.7 Update 29-OCT-1987 YES: same as with V4.3 (individual Savesets)

DEC called MicroVMS "retired" from VMS 5.0 onwards

Wikipedia: MicroVMS was a distribution of VAX/VMS designed for MicroVAX and VAXstation hardware, which had less memory and disk space than larger VAX systems of the time. MicroVMS split up VAX/VMS into multiple kits, which a customer could use to install a subset of VAX/VMS tailored to their specific requirements. MicroVMS releases were produced for each of the V4.x releases of VAX/VMS and was discontinued when VAX/VMS V5.0 was released.

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