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A VAXstation is a VAX-based workstation manufactured by DEC. The very first product with this name, the VAXstation 100, was not VAX-based; it was a programmable graphics terminal which attached to the UNIBUS on a host computer.

Another one, the VAXstation 500 employed the Tektronix 4125 Graphics Terminal attached to a MicroVAX I. When the MicroVAX II came out the same combination was called VAXstation 520.

The rest were all independent computers, based on a variety of internal bus types, starting with the QBUS. They were often produced by adding a bit-mapped display to an existing machine to produce a single-user workstation; later ones used a single motherboard, with the display support built in. Ethernet was increasingly used to tie them together.

QBUS-based VAXstations

Motherboard-based VAXstations


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