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{{Nav PDP-8}}
{{Nav PDP-8}}
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[[Category: DEC Architectures]]
{{Category: DEC Systems]]
[[Category: DEC Systems]]

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For information about the PDP-8 family in general, see PDP-8 family

An original, transistorized PDP-8
Manufacturer: Digital Equipment Corporation
Year Introduced: 1965
Year Discontinued: 1969
Word Size: 12 bit

Introduced in 1965, the PDP-8 was DEC's major breakthrough. The cheapest minicomputer yet made at the time, at an initial cost of $18,500. The PDP-8 was transistorized and constructed out of DEC's Flip-chip technology.

Operating Systems

The PDP-8 could run various operating systems including:


There are various emulators for PDP-8 systems including: