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The PDP-12 was a computer produced by DEC for use in laboratory settings. It was a descendant of (and replacement for) the LINC-8; its CPU could operate in one of two modes: either as a PDP-8 (specifically a PDP-8/I), or as a LINC computer. In each mode, there is an instruction to switch to the other mode.

Like the LINC, it included a video display, analog inputs, and LINC tape drives (the TC12F option allowed them to operate as either LINC tapes, or DECtapes). It could also include any of the standard PDP-8 peripherals, attached to the positive logic PDP-8/I-type I/O bus.

The basic machine included 4K words of 1.2 microsecond core memory, which could be expanded in 4K word increments to up to 32K words.

Further reading

Detailed information is given in:

  • "Laboratory Computer Handbook", 1971 edition