R80 Disk Drive

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Manufacturer: DEC
Capacity: 124 Mbytes
Transfer Rate: 1.2 Mbytes/sec
Revolutions per Minute: 3600
1/2 Revolution Time: 8.3 msec
One Track Seek Time: 6 msec
Average Seek Time: 25 msec
Maximum Seek Time: 50 msec
Total Surfaces: 7 data, 1 servo
Number of Heads: 14 data,
1 servo (read-only)
Tracks per Surface: 561
Sectors per Track: 30 (18 bit words)
31 (16 bit words)
Words per Sector: 256
Tracks per Inch: 478
Density: 6339 (max; inner track)
Recording Method: MFM
Start Time: 20 secs (avg);
40 secs (max)
Stop Time: 9 secs (avg);
13 secs (max)
Physical Size: 26cm x 44cm x 67cm
Weight: 135 lbs (approx)
Power Consumption: 575 watts

The R80 Disk Drive is a non-removable-media disk drive from DEC; its capacity was 124 Mbytes. It could support either 16- or 18-bit words, and was internally operated by a microprocessor which used 32-bit burst ECC to invisibly repair simple data errors.

It apparently had several options for how it connected to the system, and was identified differently depending on which one was used, as follows:

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