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Announcement date: April 1982
Codename: Nebula
OS support (VMS): VMS V3.0
CPU Details
CPU module: KA730
Number of processors: 1
CPU technology: Bipolar Schottky
CPU cycle time: 270ns [1]
Instruction-buffer: 4 bytes [1]
Translation-buffer: 128 entries [1]
Writable Control Store: 16K 24-bit words [1]
Compatibility mode: Yes [1]
Console processor: 8085A [1]
Console device: TU58
Minimum memory: 1MB [1]
Maximum memory: 5MB
Physical address lines: 24 [1]
Memory checking: 7-bit ECC/longword [1]
Memory cycle: 810ns [1]
UNIBUS: 1 @ 1.5MB/s [1]
LAN support: optional
VUPs: 0.3

The VAX-11/730 was the third VAX introduced, and the slowest implementation of the VAX architecture to have been made. By way of extensive microcoding of the large architecture, the CPU was shrunk to three hex boards. The machine seems to have been most popular for application development projects for the VAX - where the architecture was needed, but not necessarily performance.

It was also sold as VAX-11/725, which was a smaller-size packaging of the same machine.


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