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Possibly Volatile Link

I'm afraid the link will vanish some time soon.

Shouldn't we/me/you put the pictures and other important information directly into gunkies? Vaxorcist (talk) 10:15, 17 April 2024 (CEST)

Stuff vanishes all the time on the Internet, I have found! Even things one thinks should stay around forever, like (one I ran into today, on one of my personal pages). That's where the Internet Archive comes in useful; as long as one has the URL at which something was at some point in time, one can often/usually find it in the IA. (It is when one does not have a URL that one is in deep trouble; Web search engines like Google don't search the IA.)
A lot of the Web links to content about early computers that I've been putting in here recently, I've had to link to the copies in the IA; the originals are long gone. People put up pages about things they worked with, long ago; then, since they were already elderly, they died, and their families didn't keep their Web sites up. (Look at the bottom links om LGP-30 to see some examples.)
That particular one we are discussing is already in the IA - albeit slightly defective, which is why I've left the link to the original.
I didn't want to upload the images here, because I assume they are copyrighted; as long as they are online, I can link to them on the original site, and they are almost as accessible. I have downloaded them all, so they can't be lost, though! If the originals go offline, we can decide then whether we want to upload them here, try and find copies in the IA, or whatever. Jnc (talk) 11:40, 17 April 2024 (CEST)