VAXstation 3520/3540

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VAXstation 3520/3540
Announcement date: 10 January 1989
Codename: Firefox
OS support (VMS): V5.1-1
CPU Details
CPU name (VMS): KA60
CPU name (console): KA60
CPU module: KA60-AA [1]
Module: L2001 [1]
Number of processors: 2 or 4 [1]
CPU chip: 78034
FPU chip: 78134
CPU clock: 50MHz
Cache: 1KB
Secondary cache: 64KB
Compatibility mode: No
Console processor: CPU
Console device: None
Minimum memory: 8MB [1]
Maximum memory: 128MB [1]
Q-bus: 1 @ 3.3MB/s [1]
BUS SCSI: 1 [1]
LAN support: 1 [1]
VUPs: {5} {#} {10}

The VAXstation 3520/3540 and VAXstation 3820/3840 systems are workstations using a microprocessor VAX; they are built around a unique bus, the M-bus, to which is attached the CPU, main memory, a graphics adaptor, and an I/O adaptor (L2003) supporting:

The other cards are:

  • KA60-AA dual CPU module (VAXstation 3520/3540)


  • KA60-BA dual CPU module (VAXstation 3820/3840)

and also:

An optional QBUS adaptor (L2002) for the M-bus allows use of existing QBUS peripherals.

They normally come with a VR295 Color Monitor.


[1] VAXstation 3520/3540 and 3820/3840 Maintenance Guide. EK-258AA-MG-003

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