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David Wiseman

There is an incredible archive here of all the early usenet posts from February 1981 until June of 1991.


230-Yes, you have found the on-line copy of Henry Spencer's UTZOO NetNews
230-It is not in a very reasonable format but it is all here. There were
230-141 magtapes in the collection and, so far, we have them organized to
230-reflect these tapes. You will find two types of files in this
230- newsNNNfM.tgz the archives, tar'd and compressed
230-and newsNNNfM.toc the tables of contents (tar listings)
230-where NNN is the tape number (from 001 to 141)
230-and M is the save set number (from 1 to 3 but usually 1).
230-There is also a file called AllTOC.tgz which is a compressed tar archive
230-containing all of the .toc files.
230-Please note that news001f1.tgz contains A news. All of the other tapes
230-contain B news. The news in this archive was collected between February
230-of 1981 and June of 1991. (The Scavenged.tgz file contains A news articles
230-which were "found" off the end of some of the earlier tapes.)
230-Also below here is an 'info' directory which contains several useful
230-files with "overviews" of some of the archive information. Hopefully
230-the filenames will explain what they are. (I know, probably not.)
230-The 'pc' directory contains Windows code which can unpack .tgz files. I
230-have also been told that the latest versions of WinZip can also read them.
230--- magi


I just found out that the UTZOO archives have been destroyed. Only 3rd party mirrors exist. What an incredible loss, of nearly 2 decades of written history. Absolutely tragic.


This is not a collection of the UTZOO Wiseman Usenet Archive.

In 2020 after sustained legal demands requesting a set of messages within the Usenet Archive be redacted, and to avoid further costs and accusations of manipulation should those demands be met, the archive has been removed from this URL and is not currently accessible to the public.

Included in this item is a file listing and the md5 sums of the removed files, for the use of others in verifying they have original materials.