Windows 3.1

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Windows 3.1
Windows 3.1 Box.jpg
A retail copy of Windows 3.1
Type: Time-sharing
Creator: Microsoft
Multitasking: cooperative with paging (386) / swap (286)
Architecture: i286, i386
Date Released: 1992

Windows 3.1

Windows 3.1 introduced several new technologies onto the Windows 3.0 platform. The most notable was True type fonts, and OLE. The 'real mode' was removed, as Windows 3.1 now executed in protected mode only.

Windows 3.1 is more of an operating environment then an operating system, as it still uses MS-DOS for some functions, and the 386 enhanced mode spawns VDM's with MS-DOS.

Microsoft also included basic multi-media API's facilitating the playback of MIDI files, and wav audio files.

Modes of operation

Windows 3.1 dropped the real-mode from Windows 3.0, while retaining both standard & 386 Enhanced modes. Both modes functioned identically as they did in Windows 3.0

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