861 Power Controller

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861 Model C

The 861 Power Controller provides line AC power distribution, and also allows remote power control (via DEC's Remote Switching Control Bus‎‎).

They contained a group of switched standard AC sockets, and a number of un-switched standard AC sockets. They were designed to fit into a 19" cabinets such as an H960 rack, and required 5-1/4" of rack space.

There were several models of the 861, which varied in the input voltage, plug, etc:

  • 861-A - 110V two-phase, 4-prong twist plug NEMA L14-20P
  • 861-B - 220V single-phase, 3-prong twist plug NEMA L6-20P
  • 861-C - 110V single-phase, 3-prong twist plug NEMA L5-30P
  • 861-D - 110V three-phase, 5-prong twist plug NEMA L21-30P
  • 861-E - 220V three-phase, no cable
  • 861-F - 110V single-phase, 3-prong standard plug (limited current)

In addition to the Remote Switching Control Bus‎‎, the unit may be controlled by a 'Local'/'Off'/'Remote' switch (the last turning control over to the Control Bus).