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Adventure was a popular game on minicomputers to explore the mamoth caves in TN.

This game would go on to influence people at MIT to create Zork, and later incorporate the company Infocom.

Adventure on the PDP-8 running OS/8

More information can be found on

From the enclosed readme:

   This version of adventure is based on the RT-11 version
by Bob Supnik. It is essentially a recoding of the FORTRAN-IV
sources into RALF code. The RALF code has been  optimized
to fit into 32K. Also, many modifications were made to
the code to increase execution speed.

   Because it is based on the RT-11 version of ADVENTURE,
the following features of the FORTRAN-10 version are not

1) MAGIC mode was removed
2) The SUSPEND and HOURS commands were deleted

   The program requires a secondary storage device with
at least 250 blocks of free space for working storage.
Included with the sources are batch stream files for
compiling and loading the program.


First you will need the SIMH PDP-8 Emulator. Next download the following disk image which has OS/8 and the compiled adventure fortran binaries here.


set cpu 32K
set cpu idle
att rk0 advent-work.rk05
boot rk0

Once you've booted that, 'R FRTS', then at the '*' prompt enter 'ADVENT' and escape. You should be off and running.

  • Special thanks to Rick Murphy.